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Hooray! We’d love to have you join our voiceover casting roster. We typically cast jobs for companies that produce spots with us, and would like casting to be part of their booking – sort of an all-in-one deal. If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, then please check out the following requirements and send along your demo for consideration.

We require:

  1. Voiceover Experience
  2. Professionally Engineered Demo
  3. Studio Availability (either in person via our NYC studios or via SourceConnect, iPDTL or ISDN)

Sound like you? Sweet! Please send submissions to and include your preferred method of contact, including representation, etc.


Looking to book our studios? Great! Simply book using our ONLINE BOOKING system, or give us a call, the old-fashioned way. Always good.


Absolutely. We book audition direction sessions all the time. Our instructors are here to help work you through that moment when it really, really matters…

Join us in private Zoom rooms, Skype in or just head down to the Studios and we’ll help with the whole thing. Direction. Feedback. Pushing you to your max creative threshold? Yeah, we’ve got that covered.


How do you handle invoicing?

Ah. The payment thing. We make it easy here, invoicing electronically and allowing payment via PayPal, Stripe, ACH and cheque.

All invoiced services due 30 days after receipt of invoice. Non payments or late payments are subject to additional fees. Returned cheque fees or NSF fees = $25 per transaction.

How does someone "get into Voiceover?"

Let’s say this question is different for everyone, and consider that it’s based on a few factors.

Talent. Business savvy. Industry knowledge. Training. Equipment & studio setup. And, let’s just add – that something no one can completely describe…

Yeah, there’s no straight answer. And you won’t get a formula from us. We aren’t here to sell you a solution to making quick money. We train artists. Record high-quality voiceover demos. Market you toward success in an industry we’re proud to be part of.

If this sounds appealing to you, give us a call or book a FREE session with our trainers. We love talking to people, and we won’t tell you that you have a future in this business just to make a buck. Just an honest assessment of your voice, your abilities and the truth about what’s happening now in #VO.

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